Dear Towerpoint,

Welcome to Spotlight! Sacramento Wealth Management, our inaugural monthly newsletter geared specifically to the greater-Sacramento financial, investment, and wealth management community. We may not be able to control the changes in our business, but being aware and in front of them is three-quarters of the battle.

Firstly, and like it or not, 0.25% is now the going rate for portfolio and investment management, so if you are charging an advisory fee of 75, 100, or even 125 basis points, the obligation to provide significant added value to your clients falls squarely on your shoulders. Add this to the news that Amazon is penetrating the financial services business, and it becomes clear that if we expect to compete and win, the market will continue to demand more of us. The good news is, higher net worth individuals continue to need us!

Secondly, the flow of news remains constant, and the pace of change in our industry continues to be furious. Fee compression, broker protocol, client sophistication, robo-advisors, Fintech, compliance and regulatory burdens, artificial intelligence and big data, fiduciary obligation, Trump, growth of alternative investments, and the usual economic and market gyrations are all impacting how we operate as financial advisors, and how we serve our clients.

Thirdly, our goal, both with this newsletter and as a fully-independent wealth management firm: to be a resource to you by offering a centralized, curated stream of topical and relevant, local and national industry news, with a concurrent objective of being the go-to resource for you as the wealth management thought leader in the greater-Sacramento area.

Lastly, the trend is clear:

As Towerpoint Wealth's growth continues, we look forward to communicating the myriad of personal, professional, and economic benefits the fully independent RIA model offers. Recognizing independence is not right for everyone, the chart above is certainly emblematic of the evolution of our industry.

We encourage you to review the content found below, and to call (916-405-9140), email (, or Tweet (@twrpointwealth) with any thoughts you may have - we welcome connecting with you. Thank you.

- Joe Eschleman and the Towerpoint Wealth team

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