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Hail? Snow? Graupel (a German word meaning snow pellets or soft hail)? Whatever you called the weather phenomenon Mother Nature unleashed in and around downtown Sacramento on Monday afternoon, it certainly was surreal. And not only the weather, but also the behavior of normally reserved businesspeople and politicians, who for 30 minutes could be seen pausing from work and frolicking like schoolchildren, building snowmen and having snowball fights while dressed in their work clothes. Towerpoint Wealth's own, Lori Heppner, Joseph Eschleman, and Steve Pitchford briefly got into the action:

Surreal can also be used to define the market activity over just the past two days, as stocks around the globe tumbled in the wake of President Trump's planned tariffs on steel and aluminum - 25% and 10%, respectively, stoking fears of a potential trade war.

Accurately predicting the behavior of POTUS is as fruitless as accurately predicting who wins the next big game, the next big election, or what the weather will be a month from today. What is predictable is the detrimental effect on building and protecting net worth when we become reactionary to shorter-term external events. Instead, if we expect the unexpected, and have a large dose of humility in constructing and then executing on a well-thought-out financial, investment, and retirement plan and strategy, the probability of achieving longer-term success is greatly enhanced. In other words:

In volatile times, wealth is transferred from those who are fearful, to those who are disciplined.

Shifting gears to a shorter-term mindset, it is also always fun to take a look back on what has trended over just the last two weeks:

Lastly, we encourage you to take three or four minutes to review the curated content found below, highlighted by:

  • What Trump's tariff could mean to YOU.
  • A new tax scam to be aware of.
  • A great idea on how to secure an airline upgrade.

The world is complicated. We encourage you to call (916-405-9140) email ( or Tweet (@twrpointwealth) us with any concerns, questions, or needs you have - we are here for you, and look forward to connecting with, helping, and being a direct, fully independent, and no-strings-attached expert financial resource for each of you.

- Joseph and the Towerpoint Wealth team

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